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Scott, Content Marketing Agent, London

I’d read various diet books and magazine articles on the subject, but with too much information combined with a hectic and stressful lifestyle meant my daily nutrionial needs weren’t being met - I was overweight, pre-diabetic and not feeling great physically. Sophie’s tailored approach, and patience, helped me discover the right food types for me, and to be more mindful about what, and when I ate. Sophie helped me develop the skill of eating a healthy balanced diet that the books or friends ‘helpful advice’ couldn’t do, where I’m feeling much better physically

Tochi, International Communications Manager at CIRSE, Vienna, Austria

Sophie’s talent lies in her ability to inform and reassure you using a mix of proven scientific fact and clinical experience. She is understanding, professional and equiped with lots of practical tips. We are so glad we went to her for advice - it really made a world of difference. Thank you, Sophie!

Tamara, International Marketing Director at Tesco PLC, London, United Kingdom

Sophie is absolutely unique in her approach to food and fitness. She is not your standard PT or nutritionist; Sophie is a life coach that helps you achieve those goals or resolutions that have been on your mind forever and you have probably given up on mulitiple times! She is challenging, always on your side and her positive nature makes her incredibly fun to work with. 


But most importantly - it works. Her personalised approach took into account what is most important to me - in my case eating out with friends - and created a solution that was effective and sustainable. Furthermore, she tailored my fitness regime to my travel plans and weekends away to ensure I had a routine that worked around me. 


She is very generous with her time so speaking to her on a daily basis really helped me keep the plan alive and ensure that I really committed to my goals.


I couldn’t recommend her more highly for anyone who wants to make a significant change in their lifestyle forever.

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Lilian, Retiree, London

As a relatively fit 80 year old I felt that my body shape had started to change in a way I wasn't happy with and Sophie came to the rescue.

After analysing my food diary she made a number of suggestions as to how I could improve my nutrition and change my body composition to one that I felt more comfortable with.   It was not easy to change the way I ate but the many tempting meals and foods I was to include made it an adventure in creativity.

With Sophie following up regularly to ensure that I was on the straight and narrow path this is gradually becoming more of a lifestyle.


She is extremely professional but more than that she is wonderfully supportive and encouraging - Thank you Sophie.

Madoka, Market Researcher, Tokyo, Japan

I had a consultation with Sophie because I was told I had high cholesterol but was not given any specific advice by my doctor. Sophie was able to explain to me how cholesterol works and gave me concrete advice on lifestyle changes I should make, including what foods I should avoid and what I can eat. There seems to be a lot of different information out there when it comes to nutrition, including outdated and wrong information, so I was very happy to hear sound advice from a qualified nutritionist like Sophie. She also took into consideration my current lifestyle and suggested how I can start making changes, which is motivating and very helpful. I am very happy to have consulted Sophie.



Aurélie, Investment Banker, London

Sophie is both positive and pragmatic. She has made her advice relevant to my lifestyle and challenges me to stay on track. She is a patient and professional coach and I am very grateful for the knowledge and support.

I would gladly recommend to anyone with nutrition concerns

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