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Family Love


Are you expecting and want to ensure your body is at its healthiest in order to give your baby what it needs?

Have you recently given birth? Motherhood is beautiful but can be taxing, not only emotionally but also physically. Become your strongest self to develop the energy and stamina to look after your child.

- An up to 90-minute initial consultation
- A detailed diet assessment (including a full nutritional analysis of your diet)
- Personalised, evidence-based nutrition recommendations based on your current dietary intake and eating habits
- Referral to blood / stool / urine / saliva tests, should this be deemed necessary
- Analysis of lab results when ready
- A follow-up email with patient’s personalised action plan and a diet report, detailing your macro and micro nutrient intake
- 2 follow-up sessions of 60 minutes within 6 weeks (via skype or in person) to check your progress and re-evaluate your intake and changes in weight, amendment of dietary intervention should laboratory analyses highlight any issues or areas of improvement
- Weekly email check-in for any additional questions and support between sessions
Prior to this, patients will be asked to complete and return a nutrition questionnaire and food diary

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